How do YOU find “luster”?


So, yesterday I posted about how addiction strips away the luster from life.  Life just doesn’t seem to have it’s splendor, it’s punch, it’s sparkle, that brilliance or magnificence or grandeur anymore.  It becomes dull and somewhat oppressive.  You lose all your energy and childlike wonder.

That post has gotten me really thinking more about this–childlike wonder.  I’ve been feeling it in little spurts in my life, but I want it back.  I think of Peter Pan and how the message is that as children, they could fly to Neverland but as they became adults they lost their ability.  I have lost my ability to fly, but every now and again I am remember the feeling and I catch wind of a little hint of what it was like.  I want that experience again.

I found another video that I felt did a nice job with this subject.  Take a minute to watch it and then I have a question for you that I think could be helpful to me and to others who read this post…

So, my question is:  What specific activities do you do in your life to experience the luster and the childlike wonder?  To someone like me, who is trying to leave off the destructive addictive habits I’ve built and replace them with good habits and hobbies, these answers are so valuable.  I would really appreciate it if you would share thoughtfully.

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3 Responses to How do YOU find “luster”?

  1. Great post and question. I found for me when I was overcoming a significant addiction, spending time in nature and around animals got me more in touch with the me I was as a kid.
    What did you love as a child? Horses, trucks, baseball? Follow the trail and pick up your lost joy along the way! Wishing you continued clarity and strength on your journey back to you.

  2. The way I receive new joy and pump new blood into my continuing recovery from alcohol and drugs is through helping others to find sobriety. I do this by giving back what I was so freely given. I also share my faith in God with all of those willing to listen, (hence my blog), and feel that this is what God wants from me at this time in my life. It seems to keep me continuously fired up, especially when I get response on what I write or post, or if I’m offered positive feedback when sharing with another in person. Keep reaching out to others and sharing your joy. It’s infectious and it keeps the fires burning.

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