Engaging in Homosexuality is NOT Okay! There I said it!

What will happen to me now that I’ve expressed what I believe on this topic?  Will I be labeled a hater, judgmental, or find myself locked in debate on the matter?  I’m not sure.  But, it does seem more and more that there is a large shift toward acceptance of homosexuality.  And if anyone is going to speak against it, they may as well prepare to be persecuted for their position.

So, why do I say that it’s not okay?  Well, I have no opinions really of my own.  At least I try not to.  When I put my confidence in Scripture as the source of truth, I decided to lay down my personal opinions in subjection to what I believe is God’s Word or message to mankind. And what I’ve found is that if you have that attitude, it is easy to understand what God is telling us there.

The problem arises when we go to the Bible with our own agenda–to prove what we want to believe.  For example, I’ve been very transparent about my addiction to porn and my problems with lust.  How do I know that those things are bad?  Well, the Bible tells me so.  But, what if I (deep down inside) didn’t feel like they were wrong.  After all, my lust began the moment I knew the difference between a boy and a girl.  My acting out on that lust began at age 5.  My interest in porn also arrived at an early age.  I learned masturbation when I was 12 and just kind of kept cultivating my sin (yes, I believe it is sin because the Bible says it is).  What if I just decided to accept my lust as “the way I am–the way I was born”.  And then, what if I went to the Bible and tried to explain away all the texts that brought condemnation upon my sin?  What if I dug for the obscurities that I could use to try to support my position?  What if I began to condemn those who spoke against my sin and tried to tell me it was wrong according to God?  What if I pointed at them as haters, judgmental, and began to persecute them for their position?  What if I just wanted the church to accept my lust and adultery and porn use?  Would that be okay?

Or, is there another way?  I believe there is!  Yes, I was born with sin.  The special sin I was born with was lust.  Satan has worked through my whole life to help me cultivate it and nurture it.  It became a stronghold in my life.  But, at the age of 25, when I began to understand the Bible, I went to it with an open mind just to see what God had to say about me.  When I understood that lust and adultery and porn were not acceptable to Him I agreed with His position.

I will never try to condone my sin and try to make it okay.  It never will be.  But, that doesn’t mean that I have become free of it entirely yet.  We’re still working on that part!  But, I know that it’s wrong and God wants to free me and give me new life.  I know God wants to change my nature from sinful to Godly.  I know he wants the kingdom of heaven to have full reign in my heart.  His kingdom is one of righteousness and purity.  To try to lessen or change that is impossible.

So, what do those of us with sin do (and I think that includes ALL OF US)?  What do we do?  Well, God gives us the freedom to choose to do whatever we want.  We can either accept His word and believe His promise that He offers us the power to change–no matter what the sin or how strong or how long we’ve had it or whether we were born with it or not.  Or, we can deny His word, make up our own story to make ourselves feel better, accept our sin, and live the rest of our lives protecting our sinful tendencies.  And then, we can pay the wages for them.  It’s up to us to choose.  God will never force anyone to choose.  He will only compel with His love and reason.

So, if you struggle with some strong sin like I do, don’t accept it.  Keep struggling against it. Don’t give up on it.  God IS BIG ENOUGH.  God CAN help us and WILL help us!

If you struggle with homosexuality (or don’t struggle with it because you’ve accepted it) just know that I’m not a hater or judging you.  I believe that engaging in homosexual behavior is against God’s will and is; therefore, sin.  However, I also believe that God loves sinners and died for the opportunity to save them and transform them.  So, if God doesn’t hate you, how can I?  Also, for me to judge you would be like the pot calling the kettle black.  I have my own issues.

The problem, to me, seems to be that people don’t like others to point out their faults.  That’s understandable.  Alcoholics wouldn’t like it if Christians were calling them out all the time.  Adulterers wouldn’t like it.  Prostitutes wouldn’t like it.  Etc.  So, it’s no wonder that homosexuals are so “up in arms” about this.  But, it’s important to realize that the Christians didn’t really drag this all into the spotlight.  It’s the gay-rights issue that is bringing it out into the limelight.  It’s the aggressive pursuit of homosexuals to have their lifestyle accepted that’s bringing it all into the open.  The Christians are merely disagreeing in the dialogue (at least some of them still are).  I think it’s important to remember that.  And for those Christians who may be putting the hate slant on it.  Well, I’m sorry about them.  God will have to work that out in His own way.  There will always be THOSE!

For those struggling with homosexuality–courage to you.  I’m sorry you’re caught in the middle of such a debate.  Go to God and let Him teach and lead you and you’ll find the truth and the light!  Don’t let anyone else take away the gospel message of deliverance from sin by making you accept it…

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2 Responses to Engaging in Homosexuality is NOT Okay! There I said it!

  1. Mmm. The difference is that gay sex can unite two people in love, which is of God. Your porn addiction divided you from others, for a magazine or computer screen. Do you see the difference?

    And- why do you think we are trying to bend the Bible? It is you who are going to the Bible with your preconceived notions, and trying to make it fit. You ignore context. For Evangelicals going to the Bible to force their own agenda, read some 19th century Evangelical arguments for slavery.

    • Yes, I see the difference you’re bringing up here. I understand what you’re saying. As far as bending the Bible, I really didn’t have any preconceived ideas going into it. I had homosexual friends and I was very liberal minded when I started reading the Bible. I didn’t know if it had anything to say about the issue. In fact, the first time I ever studied anything about it was when I was given a study from a pro-homosexual group who was trying to convince me that the Bible said it was okay. So, I gave it a fair shake but I really couldn’t see the case they were trying to make. I think if a common person reads the texts in question without preconceived ideas (like I did) the conclusions are extremely obvious what the Bible says. It never fails that some groups will write volumes regarding context in an effort to make the texts says something besides the obvious. I’m not evangelical, but I do believe the Bible is literal and that context is something to consider when studying it. But, on this issue I just can’t see how the Bible can be any more clear.

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