Is Masturbation Natural?

****WARNING**** This video is kind of inappropriate?!

Someone posted this video on Facebook and I watched it. I was seriously effected by it and grossed out. I had never seen anyone, besides a human being, do this! For so many years I had enjoyed watching women masturbate in online porn sites. But, I could hardly bear this video. And I don’t think it was just because it involved male masturbation. I think it went deeper than that for me. There seemed to be something purely wrong with what I was seeing here.

Are animals supposed to do that? Was there something wrong with this baboon? I was unsettled! Looking at the comments on the video, I wasn’t the only one shocked. Comments ranged from pure disgust to shock to horror. Others just LOLLED.

I don’t know if everyone feels the way I do, but I just feel like masturbation is wrong. Without getting buried in a bunch of research and debate, I just feel it in my heart. There seems to be something unnatural and sinful about it.

When I went to find this video to post, I realized there were a lot of other videos of monkeys doing the same thing. They were all in zoos and looked bored and maybe a little bit crazy. For me, my years of masturbation stemmed from anxiety, boredom, and addiction. I was a bit crazy. For me, masturbation and emotional stability did not exist together. That also lends weight to my conviction that masturbation is wrong. I believe we are called to a sound mind and a stable emotional state rather than self-serving pleasures and coping methods to deal with our problems.

I don’t know–I guess this topic is open to debate. But for me, it just seems wrong and I can imagine God looking down in disgust upon the human beings He created when they practice this stuff–just as I reacted to this video. I would imagine it is even more disgusting to Him because He is not tainted with it. His disgust is probably also mingled with a sadness that we as humans have degenerated so low and He likely wishes we could find the peace we are seeking in His love and grace. Just my thoughts…

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2 Responses to Is Masturbation Natural?

  1. I wasn’t sure what the video would show. I am sure that the animal in the show was not the only animal in the video. The one filming, and others in the background laughing reminded me of 12 yr olds having a sleep over. Like when the President and Monica had their fling in the Oval Office, men I worked with said, “I don’t blame him,” instead of being grieved that the man elected, the most powerful man in the world thought nothing of violating the trust of the people, and publicly embarrassing his family. This, my friend is the moral drop off point for our nation. Addiction to porn is something similar to heroin use, from what I understand. I have a few men I have worked with that are porn addicts. Just a suggestion, don’t give this crap a foothold. Even watching videos of animals can trigger porn addiction. Not that you get hot looking at animals, but evil has a way of worming unrelated thoughts and using those thoughts against us. Ex: an alcoholic looks at a commercial for Canada Dry ginger ale and that triggers a thirst for a beer or liquor.
    Thanks for the post, run the other way my friend!

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