“Our Time to Live is RIGHT NOW!!” (before it slips away unlived…)

Had an interesting thought today that kind of stuck with me all day.  While riding my bike to my carpool, I started thinking about all the drivers on the streets.  I started to think about how in just a few decades every one of us will be completely gone from all of this.  While everyone is on their way to work and I’m on my way to school and others are doing this or that it will all be over for each and every one of us in a relatively short amount of time.  And a turnover will take place in which new generations will come and take our places and do the exact same thing as we are.  They will attach the same sense of importance to their mundane existence that we did as well.


As I rode in my carpool along the freeway, cars were backed up with people going “who knows where” doing “who knows what”–all feeling that what they were doing was of some kind of extreme importance, most likely.  I shared with my friends in the car that someday soon everyone of us (including all the other drivers around us) will be completely gone.  We will all be dead.  So, It just hit me that our time to live is RIGHT NOW!  It’s not in the future.  It’s not at some point in the distance where things are all in place for us to live our lives.  That time is now…  That is sooooo heavy!  It’s so easy to get trapped in the future and allow the present life to slip away unlived.

After school, I met with my study group.  Again, I brought it up.  School and studying can get so filled with anxiety as you study from one test to the next and worry from one week to the next.  Grades, the future, graduation, national boards all weigh heavy on the mind.  But, again, time will slip away if we are willing to allow it–and so easily too!  I mentioned that the time we are having together in school could be some of the best times of our lives and we just don’t realize it.  Our time to live is RIGHT NOW!

This concept has smacked me in the brain in a very powerful way.  My time to live is RIGHT NOW!  If I don’t live it now, it will pass away and then one day (relatively soon) it will be too late.  I, like everyone, will pass away and it will all be over.  So my question to myself and to you is, “What are you going to do with the life that you have RIGHT NOW?  What are you going to do with your time before it slips away unlived?”

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