My Review of the “Fortify” Program and the “Fight the New Drug” Campaign

don't fill your head  I’ve been on this journey to recovery from Porn Addiction for awhile now.  In the last two years, I’ve really been getting clean.  But, I’m always interested in checking out resources that are available to help us either get clean or to stay clean.

I came across the “Fight the New Drug” Campaign online several months back and have become an avid supporter.  I also went through their “Fortify” program to see what it was like.  I thought I’d take a moment this morning to give you my thoughts on it.

When you first visit the Fortify website, you are met with a very clean, attractive presentation of the Fortify program.  It has a very clean and calming appearance and feel to it–similar Apple’s presentation of the IPod/IPhone.  They have given a nice taste of what the program is like–very nice marketing!  The program consists of 52 video-based lessons that run anywhere from about 2 minutes to 10 minutes tops.

The videos are as well-polished as the website–almost perfectly done.  The presenter is young, articulate, and uplifting without being too annoying.  His youthful demeanor can come across as somewhat naive; however, if you look past that to what he is saying you realize that it’s about the information and not the presenter.

As far as the information goes… I felt it was very good.  There was quite a bit of material in the beginning videos to get you motivated and ready to dive in.  Several of the videos go over the effects that porn has on the brain and on relationships, etc.  Then, there were several videos that walked you through preparing your mind for what you are truly seeking to accomplish.  All along the way, there are little activities/challenges that you are invited to accomplish prior to viewing the next  video.  Each video you watch unlocks the next video in the series so you can’t skip around.  Some of the most memorable videos, to me, were the ones that provided strategies to fight temptation and to prevent temptation and to build up your resolve to live a healthy, porn-free life.

Overall, I found myself feeling very inspired by the program.  All along, I was encouraged, empowered, and felt hopeful for my future.  I still think about several of the strategies that were presented from time to time.  I even took my wife through the second half of the videos because she struggles with eating to cover her pain.  The videos can be helpful to anyone who wants to stop something that they are addicted to–not just porn.  Although the program specifically addresses porn, the concepts presented are universal to all addiction.

The program also offers a “Battle Tracker” which is simply a calendar that you mark off the days that you were porn-free and the days that you stumbled.  It is a helpful little tool to help keep you motivated as there are badges you earn the longer you are successful.

A few other thoughts:  Although the program is developed by Mormons, it does not preach religion and will not be unsettling to those who are not religious.  I felt they did a good job of appealing to all while still being true to the help we need from outside of ourselves.

The cost of the program is $40 if you are over 21 years old.  For those under 21, they offer the program for free.  I believe the program is worth $40.  Once you acquire the program, there is no time limit or anything.  You can continue to log in and watch the videos and use the Battle Tracker indefinitely.  I have gone back and watched several of the videos over again.

Another thing that makes this program special is how it ties in with the “Fight the New Drug” Campaign.  This campaign is more of a marketing and lobbying group for freedom from porn addiction.  They are strong in their social media presence, in their appeal to the youth–making freedom from porn seem popular and cool.  They are also aggressively seeking to educate the public who, generally, sees nothing wrong with porn.  They are doing a great work and to be affiliated with them is infectious.  They invite you to become a “Fighter” and join the movement against porn and its harmful effects.  They have some cool products that they offer in their store.  The red “Porn Kills Love” T-shirt seems to be the most popular item and they post almost daily pictures of some cool, younger person repping the movement in their shirt somewhere.  It’s a great concept done well.  They hired a top-notch marketing person/graphic designer and it has paid off in a very impressive campaign!

So, if you’re not already, get on board!


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