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Why You Need to Make Some New Friends and How to Do It

When it comes to addictions, and especially porn addictions, there are many people and groups scrambling to define the cause(s).  I have recently come across an article from Huffington Post that I believe really nails it on the head!  You … Continue reading

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My Review of the “Fortify” Program and the “Fight the New Drug” Campaign

  I’ve been on this journey to recovery from Porn Addiction for awhile now.  In the last two years, I’ve really been getting clean.  But, I’m always interested in checking out resources that are available to help us either get clean … Continue reading

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Finding Yourself…

During a midlife crisis, it is common for a person to re-evaluate their life.  One one hand, that can be dangerous because it has led many people to make decisions that they have regretted later.  On the other hand, I … Continue reading

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Struggling with Who You Are versus Who You Want to Be

“Caged In” I do Conceptual Art Photography as a hobby.  I created this photo with the idea that we all struggle with something.  We are all trapped in cages of addiction.  I believe that no addiction is worse than any … Continue reading

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“Lost in Porn Blog” is now “Men’s Guide to Freedom from Porn and Lust”

As I’ve grown in my recovery, my struggles have changed and my blog has taken some new direction.  So, as a result, I’ve decided to change the title of the blog.  I think the new title more reflects what I’m … Continue reading

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5 Simple Ways to Show Your Wife Love.

I came across a good article from Mayra Bitsko a few weeks back.  It offers 5 simple ways to show your wife you love her.  I’ve been telling you how amazing my wife has been at showing me love. But, … Continue reading

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The Greatest Secret to Remaining Faithful during a Crush or a Midlife Crisis

I have to tell you about one of the strongest and most effective things that is helping me to remain faithful during my midlife crisis… It’s better than any book I’ve read.  It’s better than any strategy.  It’s better than … Continue reading

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How to Prevent or Reverse a Crush… the Mistakes I Made (#5-7)

My last post covered the first four rules to preventing or reversing a crush.  The rules are taken from an interesting article written by Gary and Joy Lundberg.  This post will pick up with the next few rules. #5  Chatting … Continue reading

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How to Prevent or Reverse a Crush… the Mistakes I Made (#1-4)

I’ve been planning to write this post for awhile now, but have just been keeping it on the back burner to simmer.  I feel like now is the time! I recently read a good article from Gary and Joy Lundberg … Continue reading

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A Week after Telling My Crush How I Felt about Her…

Here’s an update on how my first week went after telling my crush how I felt about her: So, everything started off pretty well!  At clinical, we were just friends again.  My feelings for her were under control.  I was … Continue reading

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