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Finding Yourself…

During a midlife crisis, it is common for a person to re-evaluate their life.  One one hand, that can be dangerous because it has led many people to make decisions that they have regretted later.  On the other hand, I … Continue reading

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My Spiritual Awakening in College

I think a lot of people who went to college might chuckle at the title of this post as partying, sex, and drugs at college can easily be MISTAKEN to be a “spiritual awakening”.  But, here’s my story: So, my … Continue reading

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A Lustful Life is a Life Lacking Luster

In my last post, I focused on how my addiction to porn and lust had partially paralyzed me spiritually.  Today, I want to focus on another aspect of life that is paralyzed by addiction–that is, a subtle aspect of joy. … Continue reading

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How Lust Dissolves Spirituality

There are a lot of reasons to give up porn and lust.  Some of them are positive reasons and some are negative.  I’m thinking today about a negative reason that has provided me with motivation for change.  It comes from … Continue reading

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♡–Spread It!

Another photo I took on my “Bored Walk”. This was found on a wall off in a quiet corner where there wouldn’t typically be much traffic. I stopped and thought about who wrote it? And why? And what was their … Continue reading

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It’s not free!

A page from my experience with porn… “Every morning that I wake up, it feels the same.  Empty…  I’m sad and lonely and hurting.  I don’t know what to do about it.  I spend moments laying in bed thinking about … Continue reading

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